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Just follow the procedure to get this wonderful app on your device. Just about every day quite a few android apps and games are removed from the google playstore especially if they don’t stick to Policies. In the event you don’t see the Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face undefined in google play store you can download the APK from this site and install the undefined. Basically the app creates a full independent virtual space that lets other apps run inside them.


You’ll see a blue check mark appear in the upper left corner of the app icon to indicate it’s selected. This app icon looks like a “P” with yellow, orange, and blue pieces. You can find Parallel Space on your home screen, in the app drawer, or by searching.You might need to allow the app permissions before continuing. He loves to crack any issues which he faced or any user has stumble while using their download Parallel Space for Android devices. Unlock the device and you will be asked to setup a new user.

Lastly, Zen mode, which basically locks your phone for a specific period of time so that you can focus on better things around you. OxygenOS has a dedicated gallery app that is better for basic image editing on the phone, and also allows for long screenshots. If you’ve ever wanted to take a screenshot of a long WhatsApp conversation, you can do just that in one go on OxygenOS. There’s no need to take 20 different screenshots to do this. That brings us to OxygenOS – OnePlus’s take on Android- and it comes with several major features and small tweaks that are still missing in stock Android. Of course, you can always install apps to add some of these features, but don’t you think these are nifty additions that should be built-in?

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I have called the app, they say they don’t have problem with my account. I called my phone developer, they should not have problem. It will get rid of saved data that allows apps to load a little quicker when you launch them.

  • This centralisation of mass also reduces the robot’s overall moment of inertia, which may be an advantage for a mobile or walking robot.
  • However, just like the remote access feature, Parallels’ toolbox is also only available with yearly subscription plans.
  • Please follow the below-detailed video tutorial to learn the installation of GameGuardian APK without rooting.
  • After the app is installed successfully on your device, the apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. will be automatically added to Parallel Space app drawer.
  • We use our mobile device everyday for communication, entertainment, engagement and storage.

To set up a pattern password for the app, just the hit three-dot menu button in the main page of the app and go to “Password”. Want to use an app but don’t want anyone checking your phone to know about it? You can use the “Incognito installation” feature from Parallel Space.

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