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Laser Hair Removal by Leslie Med Spa

Our LHE light-based hair removal system uses low energy levels to create an ultra-safe treatment that requires minimal (if any) preparation or skin cooling. Most clients see immediate results most areas are smooth and soft after 7-12 sessions.

Skin Care & Body Hair Removal by Leslie Med Spa

Great for those who want to refresh their skin, but aren’t interested in surgery, Botox or fillers. This non-invasive treatment diminishes sun spots, redness and other marks and lines that appear with age.

Waxing & Threading by Leslie Med Spa

Our waxing & threading services are a perfect semi-permanent hair removal solution for those looking to keep an area clean and fresh for up to six weeks. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, bikini, legs and more.

Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening by Leslie Med Spa

Our extremely efficient treatments deliver immediate visible body and facial contouring effects. Best of all, you will see long-lasting results without any surgery or downtime.

Laser Hair Removal by Leslie Med Spa

Our Massage therapy treatments benefit people of all ages. While the benefits are great for the injured, the ill and the stressed, massage therapy..

Skin Care & Body Hair Removal by Leslie Med Spa

Patented OxyGeneo™ technology provides unparalleled skin nourishment & oxygenation, revealing younger looking skin after just one treatment.

Waxing & Threading by Leslie Med Spa

Toss out the creams and destroy wrinkles with our newest service, BOTOX.
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Exfoliate + Infuse + Oxygenate

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The Geneo Platform is the very first smart-touch skincare system that offers a new and innovative three-in-one facial OxyGeneo™ treatment. The Geneo device exfoliates and cleanses the skin while interacting with the nutrient-rich jells to create CO2 bubbles. This triggers the body’s natural physiological response to release oxygen from beneath the skin’s surface, maximizing the absorption of active anti-aging and skin-brightening nutrients as they are massaged deeply into the skin.

The benefits of microdermabrasion with deeper, longer-lasting results
Immediate and clinically proven results Visible improvement of skin tone, texture, and suppleness after just one session 3-in-1 Super Facial gives a comprehensive experience of exfoliation, deep facial infusion and healing skin oxygenation Skin oxygenation aids anti-aging and corrective skin procedures Minimize appearance of pores Skin lightening and bleaching options for sun spots, age spots or scarring OxyGeneo treatments benefit all skin types and complexions, including sensitive skin and skin prone to acne or scarring Pleasant and enjoyable treatment, a treat of relaxing and quality time

Clients love the immediately-visible results!
Skin plumping & hydrating
Restored skin volume
Renewed youthful glow
Increased collagen
Reduced hyper-pigmentation

LeslieMedSpa 3-in-1 SUPER-FACIAL