• I have been going to do the eye treatment for under eye puffiness to Mitra since last year. I am amazed at the results. Mitra's dedication to my eyes and her sophisticated equipment have jointly gave me amazing results. My eyes dont look puffy. They look brighter. I will be purchasing the maintenance package to continue to upkeep. This is an amazing alternative to eye surgery. I have tried so many treatments but this is the best. Thank you Mitra for your dedication and understand my needs.

    Candice Pereira
  • I am very happy to have found Leslie Med Spa! Mitra is a very kind knowledgeable woman who will answer all of your questions and concerns. I have seen results with the skin tightening laser on my stomach and I am looking forward to trying more treatments offered.

    Rebecca C
  • I am very happy with the RF Tightening treatments that I have been receiving on my thighs. I will be starting my 8th treatment this week and am already seeing dramatic results. The technician/owner is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend this spa.

    Stacey L
  • Mitra is a true magician. She has managed to make me appear 10 years younger with her skin tightening program. I look forward to each visit and the disappearance of another wrinkle. Co-workers are paying attention and asking what I'm doing right. It won't be long before they make their way to Leslie Med Spa too - the difference is that noticeable! Thanks Mitra!

    Marilyn Maddeaux
  • Coming from a gal that has been to dozens and dozens of Spas all over Ontario in the last 20 years Leslie Med Spa never disappoints. I find myself looking forward to my visits more and more and the treatments offered are endless. I have to say I love coming out of a session feeling better about myself and seeing the results sooner than later! Mitra is FABULOUS and always makes me feel like I'm her #1 client and really takes her time to give me the absolute best experience with every single visit.

    Maria Charitou
  • I first went to Med Spa on Leslie Street in Newmarket to try their new 3-in-1 Super facial. The new place was clean & the aesthetician (who is the owner) made me feel comfortable. The day after the facial I met up with my sister & she noticed that my skin was looking good. I was impressed so the following week I upgraded to a skin tightening treatment. This is 1 treatment of 6 to be done every 28 days. The aesthetician, Mitra, told me I would start to see results after the 3rd treatment. The day after my 1st skin tightening I met up with my sister again & she seriously couldn’t stop looking at my face wondering what I was doing. After one treatment! Next I’m going for a massage with the RMT; I hear she’s great. Thanks Mitra 🙂

    Donna Sardone
  • Amazing service! professional work! I love the work has been done for me. I definitely continue my sessions. Thanks Leslie Med Spa!
    Behsheed Akhavan
  • Amazing service, clean, asks your opinions and follows up and friendly spa. Truly customer oriented and super clean. I really enjoy my visits and will continue being a customer.

    Lydia Marshall
  • Leslie Med Spa is one of the best! The environment is calm and relaxing. Mitra is personable and informative. Overall, my experience was and continues to be fantastic!

    Rochelle P
    Rochelle P