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Just like other home screen widgets, it also offers multiple sizes to choose from. Thus, you can select a small widget or go for a big one to access more information at a glance. Notably, it also offers multiple sizes of widgets so that you can pick the right size based on the screen space of the theme. And yes, it’s available for free, so you can make the most of all the features without any restrictions. If you are new to iOS 14, learn how to add widgets to home screen by following the linked article.

  • More importantly, you don’t need to spend any bucks to get the sticky notes going.
  • Clock Face offers dozens of customizable and unique watch widgets for your iPhone.
  • Select an image and watch the magic, the clock will use the texture.
  • It pulls up data from the popular local weather source Dark Sky.
  • It also includes the option to display the current date.
  • But power users may find them limited in terms of look and function.

DCW allows you to set a color for the date and time texts. It supports 12/24 hours time format and has the option to set a locale. The clock widget allows you to use the photos saved on the storage memory or Google Photos image hosting service as the clock’s background. It lets you make the text look bolder or stylish by enabling a text-shadow effect or by changing fonts.

Ios 14 Widgets: Here Are The 13 Best And Most Useful

And the best thing is, it’s great and it doesn’t have problems or bugs as far as I have used it. It’s great and you can open your iPad or iPhone or any device and tap into FlipClock, and it can instantly show you the time. It’s a great app, that’s obviously all I can say.

4) Optionally, you can select and drag to move the widget to a different spot on your Today screen. The widget shows you a four world clocks and you can tap Show More to see them all and then Show Less to collapse the view. World Clock Today Widget is available for free with an in-app purchase to remove the ads from the main app screen. The widget shows you a couple of the world clocks and you can tap Show More to see them all and then Show Less to collapse the view. World Clock Today Widget is a great option that lets you add many clocks without paying additional costs. The app is pretty cool but I was extremely annoyed by the fact that the temperature is typically 8 to 15 degrees off .

Monitor Multiple Time Zones From Your Desktop With The

It also comes with an extra large snooze button in case you’re not ready to wake up yet. The app also features math problems to try to wake you up during an alarm. It also comes with a timer, simple sleep tracking, and more.

But this kind of widget has limited functionality. The size of the widget can be changed in the settings. The position Download Digital Clock Widget APK for Android can be changed directly on the screen of the device. You can move the widget in any direction and at any time.

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